How to Hang Curtains to Make Your Ceiling Look Taller

How to hang curtains

Most people assume you need to get curtains that are the exact same size as your windows.

Sure, it makes sense in theory, but it doesn’t always make sense in practice.

Getting curtains that perfectly hug your windows will make your room seem smaller, and unless you have floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s just not the way to go.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to hang curtains to make your ceiling look taller, which will give the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is.

Using the right tools for the job

If you already know the basics of how to hang curtains (i.e., drilling in the hooks), you can move on to the next step. For the rest of you, you’ll need:

  • Anchors (unless you are drilling directly into studs)
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Hammer (for anchors)
  • Pencil

Choosing the right curtain length

If you want to make your ceiling look taller, you need to get curtains that are longer than your windows. In my opinion, the longer the better.

How to hang curtains

Best practice would be getting curtains that reach the floor, but you need to make sure there’s no radiator in the way.

If you have a baseboard, choose a curtain that reaches just above it. You can easily alter the length of your curtains if need be.

Marking the hardware

Ok, so you really want to know how to hang curtains that make your ceilings look taller? This is the secret sauce that brings it home.

You need to install your hardware as high as you possibly can; you shouldn’t install them right where your windows start.

Hang IKEA curtain rod

Make pencil marks where the hardware will go, and make sure they’re as close to the ceiling as they can be.

Use a level so that your curtains don’t end up looking lopsided.

Installing the hardware

Once your marks are made, you can insert your anchors and screws. Read the instructions on the box to install the anchors properly. You’ll most likely need to drill pilot holes and hammer your anchors in.

Curtain hardware IKEA

If there are studs on either side of your windows, even better. You can drill straight into the drywall without using anchors.

Hanging curtain rods

Once the hardware is installed, you can slide the curtains onto the rod and hang up the curtain rod on the hardware.

How to hang curtains

And that’s all it takes to know how to hang curtains to make your ceiling look taller!

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